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Electric Car Charger Basics

Congratulations on your electric car purchase, or at least thinking about it. The first thing you need to learn about driving electric is that your car is nearly always going to be fully charged when you go to use it, because you will plug it in as soon as you get home. Unlike a car with an internal combustion engine (ICE), where the first thing you do is check how much fuel you have, with an electric car, you just go, because it is nearly always fully charged! The second thing will learn is that you don’t need to fully charge the car. You just need to charge it enough to get to where you can charge it next. This is very different from an ICE vehicle where you nearly always fill it up. Because you can plug in almost anywhere (there are 800,000 charging stations in the US for instance) you don’t really ever worry about it after the first two weeks of driving electric. Charging Standards The great thing about standards is there are many to choose from. Electric car charging is no differe